Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thor Press Screening.

          First of all, thanks to Nuffnang Glitterati for giving me the opportunity to watch the press screening of THOR yesterday morning @ Mid Valley, although for some unknown reason Ive lost my way till KLCC ,huhu.

Ive posted a post few month back about Thor, Ironman and Captain America, you can read it HERE. This post is the continuation of that post.

Thor Odinson
Odin Allfather

Jane Foster

 So basically, the movie is about Thor son of Odin or also known as God of Thunder who got banished to Midgard/Earth because of his rash judgement and actions. There, he met a mortal girl and fell in love and bla bla bla....just go watch it later when it comes out in few days.

To sum it up, the movie was awesome, alot better compare to HULK, but not as interesting IRONMAN and WOLVERINE but still awesome enough with a rate of 8/10 by yours truly. Damn, now it makes me cant wait for Captain America and The Avengers.

owh n i also got invited to FAST 5 exclusive screening tomorrow, thanks to NUFFNANG again..

p/s: as of all Marvel movies,just stay tuned untill after all the credits roll down..

Monday, April 4, 2011

3 Tips mengelakkan kena tahan Polis di Putrajaya

Kalau korang orang Putrajaya atau selalu datang Putrajaya naik motor, aku ade tip-tip menarik untuk korang mengelakkan diri daripada ditahan polis. Ini semua dari pengalaman aku...

Tip-tip dia:

1: Pakai helmet
    -songkok bukan alasan.

2: Max 2 orng
    - walaupon kecik maner jngn naek bertiga.
3: Jangan pakai baju sekolah.
   - lebih2 lagi pukul 11.30 pagi hari isnin,tu bodoh namanya.

Ini semua dari pengalaman aku, cerita sebenar bukan cerita dongeng, baru jer 15 minit td aku tngk 3 orang kena tahan polis sbab naik satu motor bertiga, 2 pakai uniform sekolah dan tak pakai helmet tapi pakai songkok, bijak tak???


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