Monday, December 13, 2010

Of Monday Blues and Buffered Earnings

Strictly for MMU student because only MMU student can relate to it,huhu...

Guys, do you know what worse than Monday blues?
Monday after a week of holidays,huhu. Especially if you got 3 hour class that start on 8am, damn sleepy, and I must admit, today is the first time I slept in class ever since I moved to Cyberjaya,huhu.

On another note, Ive got 2 new buffered earning today,huhu, make the total of my BE to 10.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Guys, do any of you remember LOGIN FB DAPAT RM100?

It was kinda popular earlier this year and  theres a lot of people tagging others to their picture posing with their so called "income". Or they put photo of their Maybank slip and tagged everyone,huhu.

BTW, i just wanna ask, What the hell happened to that? Did everyone that joined it get so freaking rich that they no longer need to promote it? Damn, if I knew this earlier I should have join. Seriously guys, if u really become rich after joining this type of business tell me, I also want to join.

Owh and one more thing, I dont care about your auntie, uncle, cousin, or someone you knew that got rich, Im only interested if you yourself is rich, and how to prove that? Just let me EAT ALL I CAN HAVE in a restaurant of my choice and then I might consider joining your business.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Trying to be honest .

written around 1 30 pm

Its Sunday and its freaking hot here in Putrajaya. Too lazy to go out so here I am, in front of my laptop wasting my precious time updating my blog when i know in fact its not interesting so why bother updating, right.

continued on 8 15 pm

Oook, pertama sekali, macam ada beberapa pihak terkeliru dengan post aku sebelum ni iaitu I BLOG FOR MONEY. First off, aku jujur la eh, aku memang mata duitan, kalau perempuan boleh berangan nak kahwin ngan laki kaya kenapa laki xleh berangan nak kawin ngan pompuan kaya? Bukan tu pon salah satu contoh diskriminasi jugak ker?

Dammmn, dah tersasar jauh dari tajuk,huhu,ok, balik kepada post sebelum ni, memang ada cakap I blog for money, BUT NOT ANYMORE. Blog ini wujud supaya aku boleh jujur atau mencuba menjadi jujur hence trying to be honest, dekat diri sendiri dan juga ke orang di sekeliling aku yang membaca blog ni. Money comes after that, sambil menyelam minum air peribahasa lama, sekarang sambil blogging cari duit.

Jadi kalau ada orang rasa blog aku ni x menarik ke aper ker, aku x kisah, sebab blog ni untuk aku berlaku jujur dengan diri aku, untuk luahkan perasaan/pandangan dan cari duit. Blog ni bukan nak puaskan hati mana-mana pihak kecuali diri sendiri,huhu. So far, diri ini amat berpuas hati,huhu.


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