Monday, December 13, 2010

Of Monday Blues and Buffered Earnings

Strictly for MMU student because only MMU student can relate to it,huhu...

Guys, do you know what worse than Monday blues?
Monday after a week of holidays,huhu. Especially if you got 3 hour class that start on 8am, damn sleepy, and I must admit, today is the first time I slept in class ever since I moved to Cyberjaya,huhu.

On another note, Ive got 2 new buffered earning today,huhu, make the total of my BE to 10.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Guys, do any of you remember LOGIN FB DAPAT RM100?

It was kinda popular earlier this year and  theres a lot of people tagging others to their picture posing with their so called "income". Or they put photo of their Maybank slip and tagged everyone,huhu.

BTW, i just wanna ask, What the hell happened to that? Did everyone that joined it get so freaking rich that they no longer need to promote it? Damn, if I knew this earlier I should have join. Seriously guys, if u really become rich after joining this type of business tell me, I also want to join.

Owh and one more thing, I dont care about your auntie, uncle, cousin, or someone you knew that got rich, Im only interested if you yourself is rich, and how to prove that? Just let me EAT ALL I CAN HAVE in a restaurant of my choice and then I might consider joining your business.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Trying to be honest .

written around 1 30 pm

Its Sunday and its freaking hot here in Putrajaya. Too lazy to go out so here I am, in front of my laptop wasting my precious time updating my blog when i know in fact its not interesting so why bother updating, right.

continued on 8 15 pm

Oook, pertama sekali, macam ada beberapa pihak terkeliru dengan post aku sebelum ni iaitu I BLOG FOR MONEY. First off, aku jujur la eh, aku memang mata duitan, kalau perempuan boleh berangan nak kahwin ngan laki kaya kenapa laki xleh berangan nak kawin ngan pompuan kaya? Bukan tu pon salah satu contoh diskriminasi jugak ker?

Dammmn, dah tersasar jauh dari tajuk,huhu,ok, balik kepada post sebelum ni, memang ada cakap I blog for money, BUT NOT ANYMORE. Blog ini wujud supaya aku boleh jujur atau mencuba menjadi jujur hence trying to be honest, dekat diri sendiri dan juga ke orang di sekeliling aku yang membaca blog ni. Money comes after that, sambil menyelam minum air peribahasa lama, sekarang sambil blogging cari duit.

Jadi kalau ada orang rasa blog aku ni x menarik ke aper ker, aku x kisah, sebab blog ni untuk aku berlaku jujur dengan diri aku, untuk luahkan perasaan/pandangan dan cari duit. Blog ni bukan nak puaskan hati mana-mana pihak kecuali diri sendiri,huhu. So far, diri ini amat berpuas hati,huhu.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I blog for money.

Alhamdulillah, harini duit untuk sponsored post dah masuk dalam total earning, tapi rasanya biarlah simpan lama sikit, tahun depan baru cashout, buat belanja ke Sipadan dan Bangkok. Jumlah dia? Biarlah rahsia,haha.

Ramai blogger cakap niat blogging kena betul, jangan semata-mata nak duit. Tapikan, salah ke kalo blogging sebab nak duit, habis tu kalau kita kerja nak buat duit, itupun salah ker? 

Kalau dah nama blog ni pon TryingToBeHonest kan,biar aku cakap jujur jela. Blog ni dah lama, since 2008 lagi, dan dari awal aku dah letak Nuffnang tapi aku baru aktif blogging awal tahun ni. Sebab apa, sebab ade Project Alpha, its an online series that featured Malaysian Top Blogger. Setiap minggu, Project Alpha akan kasi assignment, sesiapa yang buat assignment tu ikut requirement die akan dapat RM 20. So, teruja nak dapat duit punya pasal, aku pon start aktif blogging balik.

Betul tu, sebab nak dapat duit, aku start serius blogging balik, salah ker?Walaupon x seberapa, tapi memadai la bagi aku kalau setakat nak jalan-jalan tengok wayang kalau x dapat tiket free dari Nuffnang,huhu.

So, kesimpulannya, bagi aku, x salah blogging untuk cari duit, especially kalau korang budak UNI yang asyik xde duit macam aku.

Owh, kalau sesiapa ade soalan pasal BE ker, traffic ker aper ker pasal cara nak buat duit ikut Nuffnang, tak reti nak letak ad ker, sila tinggalkan komen anda, InsyaAllah aku akan tolong.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rapuzel, is it worth it?

First of all, I like to say that im actually quite disapointed with Nuffnang for not giving me free tickets to the premier of Rapunzel last wednesday. So, I didnt do the "If I had Rapunzel's hair" post but who cares, I still think that I deserved the tickets.


Enough joking,huhu, yaaa, I didnt go to the premier of Rapunzel because im too lazy to write the blog post but i damn sure if i write one, Ill surely get an invite. Why u ask? because I am known for my creativity, ask my family members, teachers and friends, and they are my prove. Ive been known for my creativity since my kindergarten days, I cant remember what i did back then but im sure it was pretty creative,huhu.

If you guys aware about the 'drama', then you would understand why i write this stuff above,huhu.

Ok, back to the topic, Rapunzel, is it worth it? For me, yes it is, its a good movie with all the nice and exciting cliche that you would expect from a Disney's movie, for example, the smart-human expression of animals.

Walt Disney Pictures presents RAPUNZEL: A TANGLED TALE, an action-packed, swashbuckling, animated musical comedy about the girl behind 70 feet of magical, golden hair. A princess stolen from her parents’ castle as a baby, Rapunzel (voice of MANDY MOORE) is locked in a hidden tower longing for adventure. Now an imaginative and determined teenager, she takes off on a hilarious, hair-raising escapade with the help of a dashing bandit (voice of ZACHARY LEVI). With the secret of her royal heritage hanging in the balance and her captor in pursuit, Rapunzel and her cohort find adventure, heart, humor, and hair… lots of hair.

Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale, is different version from our old bedtime story and I must say,its kinda interesting to watch. Theres alot of funny moment that would made u LOL, i mean really LOL,huhu. The only down part for me is the singing part, maybe its just me but damnn boring that part,huhu.

I give this movie 4.5 out of 5 and i suggest u all to watch this movie cause its worth it.

SPOILER: Do not read line below if you have'nt watch the movie and planning to watch it.

p/s:When Rapunzel hair been cut and turned brunette, it really remind me of someone.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Mostly its me, but if anyone reading this, then your awesome too.

p/s: life is unfair,deal with it.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Proton APRC 2010

I know Im late on this but still this is worth mentioning, after 5 years break from international rally Proton, yes u read it right, Proton have emerged seconds in the Manufacturer Championship in its first full session of Asia Pacific Rally Championships. Congratulations to PROTON.

Established 1983, Proton is Malaysia's largest manufacturer of Malaysia with worldwide markets from the west to the east, representing Malaysia.A one-two finish at the recently end China Rally earlier November shows that Proton, one of many Malaysian product is able to compete with Championships dominators such as Mitsubishi and Subaru. Being the only Super2000 rally car to comepete against turbocharger  Mitsubishi Evo and Subaru Impreza rally car.

Throughout the year of involvement with international rally, Proton has won the APRC title  three times in 2001,2002 and 2004 where as in 2002, Proton also won the FIA Production Car World Rally Championship on its debut. 

Dammmnnn, this is really impressive, I never knew that Proton have ever entered international rally before this win in China, Not only that, they also able to compete with established car manufacturer such as Peugeot, Chevy, Suzuki Honda and many more.

With this win, Proton name will be known around the globe and I just hope that being famous and well known brand around the world, Its price will not increase in Malaysia and ill surely support them next year.

 for more info, visit their facebook page

Disclaimer: Satria Neo S2000 is personally made for rally, its powerful and fast and can compete with EVO or Impreza but in other hand, your Satria Neo is made for road, so next time you want to race with Evo in the street, think again.

Social Network Premier Screening

Thanks again Nuffnang, 2 premier invites to Social Network 10 days before its official release in Malaysia that is on 2nd December.

But unfortunately, Ive already watched the movie 2 weeks ago, damnnn, cant blame the internet or the illegal uploaders, I just cant wait to watch this movie so, its partly my fault,huhu.

Its a great movie, some might say its boring but hey, its a documentary on how Mark create Facebook, dont expect it to be action packed.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

What is Nuffnang?

Oook, this post is to introduced nuffnang to blogger, if u already know what nuffnang is and already put their ad in your blog , u might find this post boring or uninformative, but feel free to read...=.)

 As a famous blogger, theres a few question that people keep asking me, for example:-

What is Nuffnang?
Do you really earn money with nuffnang?
What else can nuffnang offers? 
How to get primier movie passes?
How to promote our blog?

Oook, first off, what is nuffnang? well basically is Asia-Pacific’s first and leading blog advertising community. Their online platform bla bla bla bla the rest here.

 In other simple term, they are Blog Advertising Company. They put sponsors Ad in people blogs. For example, see below picture.

Acuvue contact lenses ad in my blog.

Secondly, do i really earn money with nuffnang? Yes I did, I really get paid by blogging. Its not much that I can make a living out of it, not yet i guess, but I can still go buy something with it.

 My earnings so far with nuffnang. 

For your info, this blog of mine have been created for more than 3 and half years but I only been seriously blogging since earlier this year. As you can see, Ive cash out my first check in 2008 and 3 times this year, and yes people, its real check sent to your house.

How to cash out you earnings? Well, its easy, when your earning reach RM 50, you can push the Cash out my earnings button below your eanings. As you can see above, theres a "cash out my earnings" button below RM110.73. 
Usually i will cash out my earnings already considering its already past hundred but then i decided to wait till next year, because the thing that i want to buy next, is really really expensive and maybe i have to collect money longer to buy it.

Owh, i forgot to mention, when u cash out ur earnings, they will send a check to ur address, it will take around 30 to 60 days depending on your status as a Nuffnangers.

What else can Nuffnang offers? hurmmm, if you are registered to nuffnang, they will also record you analytic status, that is you blog traffic, (a)how may visitors visit you blog, (b)where did the people come from, and (c)where did they refer you from.



Ok, beside money, Nuffnang also rewards blog with other things, such as premier movie passes, party and event invitation, gadgets( handphones, broadband i.e). 

This year, ive been invited to alot of premier screenings of movies such as Takers, Karate Kid, Altitude, Backup Plan, Skyline, Vampire Suck and many more movies. Not all f them are worth watching in cinema but the proud feelings when you get to watch it few days earlier than your friends and the rest of the world, is PRICELESS. Im not being cocky on purpose but yeah, you can consider me one,lol.

Other than that, ive also got invited to event and party such as the DIGI Angels Buka puasa @The Apartment Part  I and II and also the DIGI BREAK FREE PARTY @ECOBAR. Theres maybea few more events that I forgot to mentionn or i get the invite but i cant attend due to some difficulties.

Last question, How to promote our blog? 2 word, social networking,that is thru facebook, twitter, or any other instant messaging such as yahoo messenger, or msn. Or you can also try blogwalking and leave you comment on their blog. Dont just post something in their shoutbox/chatbox something like XXX was here, OR singgah sekejap, OR singgah sebentar, OR visit u, visit me back. What i meant is, if there was really nice shit written in that blog, leave a proper comment in that post, not in their shout/chatbox and maybe, maybe they will hit you back.

So, I guess thats it for today, go to www. and register your blog there. Dont know how to start? Dont worry, theres a "get start" button to help you through it.

If there is still question u like to ask me about nuffnang, earnings or any other stuff about blogging, just leave a comment and ill try to get back at you. PEACE OUT.


Damnnn, after i publish this post and read it back, theres so nuch thing that i might have missed, but don t worry, im here to help you, anyhting u wanna know, just ask me.

not so famous Blogger

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

OMG, Whats in the sky?

Again, 2 tickets for premier of SKYLINE 2 days before its official release, Thanks to Nuffnang.
Wait for my review of the movie later tonite or tomorrow morning.

two update in a day, damn, i need something better to do....=.)

How to get Buffered Earnings (BE)

I finally found out how to get buffered earning accidentally, most of the popular bloggers doesn't have a clue because their methods is different. Their high traffic attract the sponsors to their blogs, but for low traffic blog such as my blog, you should try NOT to update your blog. Trust me,I was kinda busy this last 2 weeks and couldnt be able to update my blog as usual.The last update was on 27th October and its been like 2 weeks since then. So i thought "damnnn, theres goes my buffered earnings" but fortunately, 3 more adds up. Damn, with 5 BE currently running in this blog, I will surely be active again.

STB Thematic Trading I think is the singapore ad, Acuvue and IKEA, Bank Islam and Nokia. Thanks to all of you...=.)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Movie Review: Takers

Isnin lepas dapat 2 free tiket tayangan perdana cerita The Takers dari Nuffnang melalui Twitter,5 orang pertama yang tweet "I wanna watch The Takers with @NuffnangMY" dapat sepasang tiket. Tapi sebelum tu dia ada cakap ada suprise so stay tuned to nuffnang twitter. So all i did was keep on refreshing their twitter untill the task came out,huhu, keluar je terus type, dalam 10 minit kemudian terus dapat invite,huhu.


A group of high-living young criminals bankroll their extravagant lifestyle with a series of painstakingly planned bank robberies while a dedicated police officer makes it his personal mission to stop them in the taut, edge-of your seat crime thriller Takers. After years of meticulously planned heists, the crew is convinced by one of their own to risk it all for one last big score, but pulling off the job of a lifetime with a dogged detective and a vicious rival gang on their tail is a tall order, even for these seasoned pros
 Ok, for me, the movie was awesome, the cast is great the action  great, the set and everything a definitely must watch movie.

Aku kasi movie ni 4.5/5

Sebab: lambat masuk so missed the first 5 min dan duduk depan sekali, kalau x this movie dapat 5/5.

 T.I. @ Ghost, macam dalam cerita, dia pon baru dibebaskan dari penjara

The Takers, they take everything, once a year.

Paul Walker, if u guys watch Kimora in The Fast Lane or something in E! channel 712 Astro, this is one of the house that her realtor shows her,huhu, owh n dont ask me why i watch kimora.

p/s:always ask ur friends whether their watch are on time or not.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tips untuk berjimat cermat di Malaysia.

Ok, tetiba dapat ilham untuk menulis tips-tips untuk berjimat cermat di Malaysia ni lepas baca blog hatim razak, Tips untuk berjimat diLuar negara. Tapi harini aku akan bincangkan bagaimana nak menjimatkan duit dalam pemakanan. Yer aku tau aku agak berisi dan aku patut kurangkan makan untuk jimat tapi tidak, itu bukan apa yang akan kita bincangkan hari ni.

Kita makan untuk hidup, melantak untuk mati.

Cube korang tanya pelancong-pelancong dan mungkin hampir semua rakyat Malaysiaa, apa yang korang paling suka kat Malaysia? Kebanyakan akan cakap Makanan.  Melayu, Cina dan India makan benda yang sama. Pagi Nasi Lemak, tengahhari Nasi Beriyani, Malam Yong taufu, tengah malam roti kosong 2. Kepelbagain, xde la bosan asyik makan benda sama je tiap2 hari.

Tips 1: Makan di tempat-tempat yang mempunyai ramai pelajar atau didalam campus2 universiti berdekatan anda

Universiti awam lebih afdal. Universiti swasta pula sepeti Taylors College Lakeside Campus harus diellakan masuk jika anda ingin berjimat cermat dalam pemakanan. Mengapa? sebab dalam campus dia, ad Starbuck,Subway, dan macam2 lagi kedai makan yang best, dah macam dalam shopping mall jer,huhu.

Kenapa makan dalam campus murah? mungkin sebab peniaga tau yang dieorang punya main target adalah pelajar dan semua orang tau kebanyakkan pelajar xde duit, so kalo mahal2 nanti xde student datang, Da terbukti dari pengalaman aku sendiri di Melaka, Cyberjaya, Bangi dan Shah Alam.

Tips 2:  Kalau makanan tu senang dimasak dan murah, jangan makan di kedai mamak.

contoh 1: maggi sup mamak, RM 3.90

Mengapa? Orang suka makan maggi sebab murah, cepat dimasak, dan sedap, abaikan kandungan msg dan segala bende merbahaya.

Tapi kalau makan kat mamak, dah la mahal, lambat sampai, dan agak x sedap plus msg dan segala bende merbahaya. Semangkuk maggi sup mamak boleh beli 5 paket maggi, so fikir-fikirkanlah dan selamat beramal.

Tips 3: Peka dengan promosi2 di sekeliling anda

Seperti contoh baru2 ni Burger King ade buat promosi RM1 untuk whopper,harga standard set whopper ade la dalam RM10. Tapi untuk sehari jela kalo x memang gulung tikar la Burger King esoknya,haha.

jadi 6 oktober harituh ni la makanan aku, pagi, tengahhari dan petang. minimum 3 burger sorang, so makan malam terpaksa makan bende lain. Tapi bagus gak 3 burger sorang, kalo x orang pertama beli je terus habis,huhu.

Yang seterusnya, bukan dalam kategori makanan berat, tapi kira makanan jugak la kan,huhu, Baskin Robins. Aku makan Baskin Robins ade la dalam dua bulan sekali kecuali julai ngan ogos yang masing2 ade 31 hari. Kenapa? ramai xtau tapi setiap 31 haribulan BR buat promosi 31% diskaun, so kalo 1 quarrt yang standard dalam RM40++ jadi RM30++ je kalo x silap aku,huhu.

Tapi kalo dah sangap sangat tunggu 2 bulan sekali boleh pergi hari rabu, tapi direkemenkan untuk wanita2 sahaja kerana harus pakai pink untuk dapat promosi die. Kalo lelaki nak tu, bawak mak,kakak,bini,adik pompuan, kawan pompuan dan paksa  dieorng pakai pink before keluar.

Tips 4: Makan dekat rumah.

Ini untuk orang yang duduk dengan keluarga, baik makan rumah sama ada lebih murah or keluarga anda yang sapot. Memang jimat. Terbukti berkesan. Contoh aku, hari jumaat xde kelas, so khamis terus balik rumah, jadi xpayah kluar duit makan untuk jumaat dan weekend, bijak tak?

Tapi jangan buat obvious sangat balik rumah semata nak jimat duit, kasi alasan lain kalo x duit belanja kene potong, dari dapat seminggu dapat tuk 4 hari jer, isnin sampai khamis,huhu, sedih x?

Kesimpulannya, memang dapat jimat duit. Tapi asal duit simpanan x tambah2? kalo dah weekend je kluar tengok wayang ngan kawan2, lepak shisha, main futsal,g shopping memang xguna la jimat,huhu. Itu akan kita bincangkan hari lain.Sekian.

p/s:when i watch u in disney, wishing u were kiss me, coming in my fantasy.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Iron Man, Thor and Captain America.

Ok, aku tau aku lambat, tapi xsalah kan kalau nak share benda yang kita baru tau or sedar,huhu.Kalau korang perasan, aku baru perasan la, dalam cerita Iron Man 2, ade tunjuk dua bende yang ade kaitan dengan 2 Marvel superhero yang lain,that is Thor and Captain America. Yang pasal hammer Thor aku dah pernah dengar orang cerita tapi sebab die tunjuk last sekali dalam movie so memang tak r tunggu untu tengok kan, lagipon bukan tau time tu,huhu. Captain America punya shield tu plak memang x perasan. Lepas baca blog Haida baru perasan,huhu. So, thanks to Haida for the info.

 Tony Stark is IronMan

 Captain America armor yang still incomplete. Masa ni Tony tengah nak buat plate chest yang baru.

ini masa the last minute of the movie, paling last, hujung skali, kalo kat wayang mmg tengok la,huhu.

So, memang akan keluar movie ni, and they hope to do it before 2012 beacuse of the apocalypse and stuff,huhu,memang x sabar la kan,huhu.

New Era Cap Captain America.


Ok, dua cap ni dah memang lama tau ade dah, tapi sebab macam x lawa, so x masukkan dalam previous post,huhu, tapi memandangkan movie die akan, keluar, so it will be freaking awesome watching the movie while wearing this cap, damnnn,huhu, i need to save more money.

p/s: theres always this girl.

Friday, October 15, 2010

7 and 1/2: Wishlist Part IV

 Damn, every single time I decided to save money for something, something irresistible decided to come out,huhu.arghhh.







 Cookie Monster


Big Bird


 Monkey D Luffy


If anyone decide to buy me this cap, my size is 7 and 1/2, remember that if you love me,huhu.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm going to BANGKOK.

Sepertimana tajuk post ini, yes, im going to BANGKOK but not anywhere near soon,huhu, im going on june next year, and my sister just booked the tickets, thanks kak lala. This means that I have around 8 month to save money for this trip,huhu, I hope thats enough time for me to went crazy shopping in Bangkok. 

This is all thanks to AirAsia, now everybody can fly.

Seriously now everybody can fly with AirAsia. My first time flying is around march earlier this year, me and my older sibling went to Bandung, Indonesia. It was a good place for a trip but the people there,haaaaih, lets  just keep it at that.

AirAsia, Truly Asean

 Tankuban Perahu.

Right now, AirAsia are having promotion as low as RM1 to selected destinations as a celebration for the 100 million guest flown. For more info CLICK HERE.

If the link i that i give does not work, there are AirAsia ads in my blog just look for it and click.

This post is not an ad, Im just excited being able to travel overseas again after Bandung and its all thanks to AirAsia.

Owh, I almost forgot, my whole family will go to Sipadan on January also thanks to AirAsia.Damn, its not that everyone can fly, but everyone can fly frequently, AirAsia need to change their motto,huhu.

p/s: i guess ipad has to wait,huhu...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Zero Gravity.

2 Reason zero gravity is not cool

Number 1 


Number 2.

If you guys get it and find that its funny, please comment,huhu.

p/s: im not lame, i just ran out of idea,huhu...

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wishlist Part III: IPad

 I know its not my birthday anymore, and ive already got what i wish for in my previous post about wishlist, but damnn, rite now I just want it badly, sadly, cant afford it,huhu...

 aarggh, i want one,huhu...

To make my wish happen, from now on, im gonna save every money or income ive got online, my blog, facebook and twitter, just hope that i can buy it before something cooler and more expensive comes out,huhu.

p/s:But damnn, I need 2.3 k more,haha.Wish me luck.

Friday, October 8, 2010

About . Follow Me . Link Exchange . Credit . Thank You.

This is a personal blog, I write most of the things that pop out from my head, if I write everything that come out, then Ill be writing nonstop for the rest of my life.

I will not follow you back even if you follow me, I WILL NOT, unless you are a cute girl or your blog is interesting for me to read. So stop asking me to follow you.

Please tell me if you put my blog in your bloglist or you want to exchange link, again, TELL ME, I wont know unless u told me. Theres a few blog with my link in it but then I have never visit that blog, not that i really complain but it doesnt sounds fair to you guys. So tell me so we can EXCHANGE LINK.

If anything that i write or post, I mean ANYTHING at all,that interest you guys, and u guys want to share it in you blog, please mention my blog for credit. If there is anything interesting enough.

For any post that you like, hate, or that Im wrong or that you guys have any other opinion about it, feel free to drop you comment, Im open to any criticism or anything.

This gonna be a sticky post for a while. The newest post gonna be below this post and


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Quick Update October 2010

Dah lama rasanya tak update blog ni dengan something yang bermakna dan panjang, semua post bulan lepas macam pendek2 jer,huhu, bukan takde idea, just macam penat dah nak blog, but hey, dont get me wrong, I love blogging, writing post, reading other people blog, but then, xde masa, for me, i neeed preparation for making a post, for along post, not like the short update and stuff. The problem is, i took to long to prepare the post, and when im ready, the thing already 'basi' or boring already so i decide not to post it up,huhu.

Theres already afew post that i planning to write, especially rayaa post, syawal end tomorrow but i still didnt post anything bout raya,huhu. Ill try my best but dont expect too much from it,huhu.

p/s: im not superman, i dont claim to be.....

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Melayu balik ______???

Correct me if Im wrong...

If I remember correctly, Malays used to be either 'Orang Laut' or people migrated from Indonesia.

If Malay say that Chinese should go back to Mainland China


Indian should go back to India.

Does that mean we have to go back to the sea or indonesia?

Im sorry but i rather be going to China or India.

p/s: some people used to called me Doreamon as an insult, I say THANK YOU, Doraemon is a very cute 22nd century robot-cat and I like him.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

For Sale.SOLD

For Sale SOLD

Condition NEW
No box hence the price
Size10.5 UK/ 9.5 US
Bought in Philipines
Will be send by post outside Putrajaya.
Anyone interested can PM me in Facebook.

p/s:long post coming.....


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