Monday, January 24, 2011

Blogging 101

Before i start writing this post, let me clarify something, I dont blog about everything,My blog is kinda personal and I wrote what I think is close to me. I dont just write anything that is current where you can just read it in newspaper or online news. Truth to be told, I dont actually like reading blog that post news headlines. Some say its just to share the news well the others say to attract traffic.Well, its ur blog, so its up to you.

This post might be an exception to that, continue reading if you are interested.

Berita Minggu 23 January 2011

Ok, so basically its not about Barisan Nasional, let just focus on BLOGGER UNTUNG RM1 JUTA. 

What I can say is, its true, blogging has its perks even to a small part time, not so famous blogger like myself. Ive earned quite alot, not as much as Redmummy but enough that i can sometimes buy stuff for myself and a trip to Bandung,huhu. My next aim, trip to Bngkok using my nuffnang earnings.

What im actually saying is, blogging is a good way to earn a few extra bucks while doing something u like or even love. Most of people nowadayas already have blog, so why not earn extra income while doing it. Ive already helped few of my friends starting up their nuffnang accounts, and if u want some help doing it, just give me a call, ill be glad to help.

One day, Ill earn as much, hopefully.

picture credits to Berita Harian and Redmummy

p/s: its not only limited to nuffnang u know...=.)

Saturday, January 8, 2011


As u all may or may not know, my family and i are going to Sipadan/Mabul next week from 14th to 18th January. And apparently, MMU finals is only a month from now.

So guys, i need ur help to deicde on something.

Should I put on my study helmet and sit there infront of my desk studying for finals?


Should i enjoy the breathtaking view of the island with my family?

 picture credit to google.

Damnnn, screw finals, I atill have 3 weeks to go after the holidays, illl start studying by then,huhu.

p/s: ive lost my study helmet few years ago, and since then, my result are kinda so so, is it a coincidence???

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Prove that im a Malaysian...

U know ur a true Malaysian when u......

but then, theres always someone btter than u,huhu...

So, what makes u a Malaysian?

Owh, and follow me on twitter/ihsanaz

IAZ =.)

new update

dam as in playing dam, the board game, dont get us wrong ok,huhu....

Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Blog in 2010.

2010 have been great for my blog. It all thanks to Nuffnang for giving me the opportunity not only to earn extra income, but even to widened my social network both online and offline. Ive met alot of bloggers, attend awesome events and premier movie screenings thru this blog of mine.

First off, my earnings with nuffnang. Throughout 2010, nuffnang was very generous with me especially the last quater of the year. This blog of mine is full of Buffered earnings.

This year alone I earned almost RM 500.00 with Nuffnang,I know its not a lot compare to other blogger, but to me, at least Ive got something from blogging.

 Still have RM229.13 available to be cash out and Im not going to cash it out anywhere sooner. Im planning to use it for my Bangkok trip in June 2011. I hope the amount gonna multiply few time by june.

 List of BE that turned ME throughout the year.

and theres still few BE available for this year,huhu..

Then, theres the premier movie screenigs and event organized by Nuffnang. Im very lucky because im not the only blogger in the family, so thanks to AIMI AZ for driving me to most of the event organized. You guys might recognized this poster below from nuffnang blog, and ive edit it a lil bit to show some of the screenigs that ive joined last year

The posters that are circled means that ive watch its premier screenings, and there's more, Vampire sucks, Karate Kids, Skyline and maybe there's a few other movies that i forget,huhu. Being able to watch a movie few days before its release date and being able to brag about it, the feelings is priceless,haha.

The events, what can i say except than awesome, but when i think about it again, most of the event ive joined are from DIGI,huhu,and yes people, im DIGI's loyal customers since 2004

Part II, with eyriqazz,teratakarmo,cheamrster, beautifulnara,sayurikan.

In conclusion, im very happy with my blog for the year ended 2010 and i hope to go further and to get better in 2011. To meet more blogger,expand my network even more and not to forget, to earn alot of money along the way,huhu.

IAZ =.)


Happy New Year everyone, sorry for the lack of updates recently but im really busy with studies right now, so much things to do, so little time, even to update this blog. I hope that this year will make more of me as blogger.

My NYE resolution?

Like always, I didnt tell people what my resolution is, its better to keep it to myself. What I can tell is that, every year I wish that Ive become better mentally, physically and in faith, a better son for my parent, a better brother to my siblings, a better friend and above all, a better servant for HIM. AMIN.

Again, Happy New Year guys and dont look back, just focus on the road ahead of you,because its not the time to reminiscence the past yet. Theres so much thing waiting along the road, and as we ride along it, we might missed alot of great things but Im sure the road ahead going to be more awesome.

IAZ =.)


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