Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year everyone, sorry for the lack of updates recently but im really busy with studies right now, so much things to do, so little time, even to update this blog. I hope that this year will make more of me as blogger.

My NYE resolution?

Like always, I didnt tell people what my resolution is, its better to keep it to myself. What I can tell is that, every year I wish that Ive become better mentally, physically and in faith, a better son for my parent, a better brother to my siblings, a better friend and above all, a better servant for HIM. AMIN.

Again, Happy New Year guys and dont look back, just focus on the road ahead of you,because its not the time to reminiscence the past yet. Theres so much thing waiting along the road, and as we ride along it, we might missed alot of great things but Im sure the road ahead going to be more awesome.

IAZ =.)


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