Monday, January 24, 2011

Blogging 101

Before i start writing this post, let me clarify something, I dont blog about everything,My blog is kinda personal and I wrote what I think is close to me. I dont just write anything that is current where you can just read it in newspaper or online news. Truth to be told, I dont actually like reading blog that post news headlines. Some say its just to share the news well the others say to attract traffic.Well, its ur blog, so its up to you.

This post might be an exception to that, continue reading if you are interested.

Berita Minggu 23 January 2011

Ok, so basically its not about Barisan Nasional, let just focus on BLOGGER UNTUNG RM1 JUTA. 

What I can say is, its true, blogging has its perks even to a small part time, not so famous blogger like myself. Ive earned quite alot, not as much as Redmummy but enough that i can sometimes buy stuff for myself and a trip to Bandung,huhu. My next aim, trip to Bngkok using my nuffnang earnings.

What im actually saying is, blogging is a good way to earn a few extra bucks while doing something u like or even love. Most of people nowadayas already have blog, so why not earn extra income while doing it. Ive already helped few of my friends starting up their nuffnang accounts, and if u want some help doing it, just give me a call, ill be glad to help.

One day, Ill earn as much, hopefully.

picture credits to Berita Harian and Redmummy

p/s: its not only limited to nuffnang u know...=.)


.aimansyahirah. said...

hye ihsan ,
you know what , i'm new in blog and nak la try try nuffnang ni but i really don't understand it and tak reti la nak letak ads la , pe la . tolong ajar sikit boleh ? :)

~IHSAN AZ~ said...

im glad to help, first, get nuffnang account k,huhu.....=.)

.aimansyahirah. said...

maksudya , sign up as blogger tu eh ?
*sorry , soalan maca tapape sikit .

.aimansyahirah. said...

okay , done . lepas tu ?

~IHSAN AZ~ said...

then add up ur blog in blog manager dekat nuffnang tu, kalo dah then tekan butang ADD ADS button. dekat situ dia ade kasi html code untuk letak dekat ur blog, belah kanan ade tutorial dia, mcm maner nak letak iklan....

.aimansyahirah. said...

login dulu ?

~IHSAN AZ~ said...

yup, dah sampai maner skang?

Ain Atika said...

huhu awesome gila 1a !!

tenangsudey said...

gempak giler cara dia blogging kan ihsan... ko pon leh jadi macam dia satu hari nanti... amiin


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