Saturday, July 31, 2010

I dunno what size I am: Wishlist Part II.

I did say there's more coming right in the previous post, and this is it,haha, U all got around 6 more days to buy me my birthday present,haha....

Oook, Ive been dying to get this LANSI cap for more than 2 months already since its out in early June i guess, but didnt have the money to buy it,well, ive got the money but ive spent it on something else, damn u ihsan,huhu.

Theres a few colours, two of them is like above and the other one is gray and black, but im more onto this 2 badboys,haha. Owh n theres only 1 reason why i want this cap, because theres my characteristic there, u wanna know what, chec out below..

Yes I am, and all the haters can go play somewhere else, thank you and please dont come again.

Oook and the next one is NEW ERA CAP for the recent World Cup and the reason I choose SPAIN is not because they won but because its DOPE, seriously dope, and I like the striking colors. But there's one problem, rather than buy this cap, I can buy one pair of jeans and another cap from ECHO PARK, its price is about RM 189.90 if im not mistaken.

Arrgh, this is too pain to see, ive been dying to get this cap for what? 6 to 7 month, cant find it in Malaysia so ive got to buy it online from UK, its cost around 10pound, that mean 10x4.9 at that time.  My dear friend Afifudin help me to buy it.

Little that i know, the size is not same, according to my old cap, my size is about 56 cm, so i bought the same size from the web, but i dunno how the measures the cm there, the cap doesnt fit me,DAMNNN, its hurt so much cause ive been waiting for this cap for long time, and the moment i try it on, it doesnt fit,ARRRGHHH.

Owh and im still not finish it, theres still more coming...=.)

p/s:if ive really got one wish, is that simply u dont forget me...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


 9 more days to go,damnn, and Im 22, cant wait,naaah, nothing special just my birthday....

Like i said, im currently updating my wishlist for my coming birthday, and yeah, this is just part 1 of it, theres more to come, call me greedy but we all need something that we wish for.

Oook,aside from happiness, health, parents blessing, to be good son, a good believers, a good friends,a good student,to be a good BF, this is what i wish for,haha...

Yaaa, shoes, its not just women who are addicted to shoe,why cant man?

Oook, the pictures was organized that way, the shoes that i want the most is at top and it goes down, right now, I want SUPRA but that DC shoes gonna  looks good on me.

Damn, 1 shoe gonna cost me around RM300, times 5, u do the math, im too lazy too count, hahaha, if theres a generous parents, siblings, friends, strangers out there who want to give me a present, dont hesitate. i dont mind that all i get for my birthday is shoe,haha....

 Thers gonna be a few more wishlist coming, so prepare urself,haha.

Everybody pretend that airplanes in the night sky are shooting stars nowadays, but do shooting stars grant wish? 

p/s: i wish the airplanes in the night sky are santa, sending give to me every single night.........

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dinner with Alin Said....

 Last thursday , Alin was here in Cyberjaya,she just got back from Australia for 5 month for her course and now shes back, so we all decided to have a fancy dinner at Alamanda, Sahara Tent besides Old Town White Coffee.

Its and Arabian style of restaurant, the food was great, plenty but it was a lil bit pricy, I think its a little bit pricy than average Arabian restaurant, I think even Andalus is slightly cheaper. But yeah, once a while doenst hurt a bit,haha.

So, theres Alin,me, Babu, Misa, Fadhli, Faisal and Faiz the photographer, the rest of them like zhaf and kevin are busy with meetings.

Alin is back


Babu, hes the one organizing everything for us in Cyber

Ihsan, hey, thats me,haha, lame? its ma blog....=.)

Fadhli, yaa, hes malay.


Wait, did i say that the food was expensive there, i mean EXPENSIVE, i dont want getting the blame if any of u guys go there,haha. Owh n yeah, i have a question for u guys, whats spicy, yummy and cheap?

Thats right,

Mamee Sllrrrp...

If i didnt go to Sahara Tent , i can buy almost 7 packs of Mamee Sllrrrp, and it will last for more than a week,haha, guess its not my lucky day...=.)

p/s: im broke, and its the beginning of hoildays...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Quick Update July 2010....

Almost 3 weeks witout an update, damn, im just to busy with college, family,friends and stuff, no time to update,and surely am trying to find one.

Theres a few post in the draft section from few years back, I dunno whether I should post it up or not, its kinda interesting,haha.

Got a few new idea on what to do, still an idea though not a plan.

One of my friends is doing a surgery right now.Hope everything went well for him,Pray to ALLAH  for him.

My birthday in around two weeks, currently updating my wishlist,once im done, im gonna update it on this blog so it easier for u guys to decide what present to give me.

What else,hurmmm........

Owh yea, found this pictures from few years ago, and my question is?

Whos cuter?

I guess thats it, till later.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

~~~its lame but who cares II........

woke up with a few lines in my head, dunno where it come from......

walking tall, not like pogo,
building dreams, not like lego,
try so hard, but ive got a big ego,
she's never be mine, ive should let go.

i know its lame, but ive got a big ego

plus, its my blog.....=.)


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