Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dinner with Alin Said....

 Last thursday , Alin was here in Cyberjaya,she just got back from Australia for 5 month for her course and now shes back, so we all decided to have a fancy dinner at Alamanda, Sahara Tent besides Old Town White Coffee.

Its and Arabian style of restaurant, the food was great, plenty but it was a lil bit pricy, I think its a little bit pricy than average Arabian restaurant, I think even Andalus is slightly cheaper. But yeah, once a while doenst hurt a bit,haha.

So, theres Alin,me, Babu, Misa, Fadhli, Faisal and Faiz the photographer, the rest of them like zhaf and kevin are busy with meetings.

Alin is back


Babu, hes the one organizing everything for us in Cyber

Ihsan, hey, thats me,haha, lame? its ma blog....=.)

Fadhli, yaa, hes malay.


Wait, did i say that the food was expensive there, i mean EXPENSIVE, i dont want getting the blame if any of u guys go there,haha. Owh n yeah, i have a question for u guys, whats spicy, yummy and cheap?

Thats right,

Mamee Sllrrrp...

If i didnt go to Sahara Tent , i can buy almost 7 packs of Mamee Sllrrrp, and it will last for more than a week,haha, guess its not my lucky day...=.)

p/s: im broke, and its the beginning of hoildays...

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