Saturday, December 17, 2011

Speechless Saturday #2

Me:           Hello, is this "bla bla name of the company bla bla" .

Company: Yes, it is.

Me:          my name is Ihsan Abdullah Zubir from Multimedia University. My friends and I currently doing an assignment regarding import and export on a local food company. We would like to interview your company regarding your export business........."bla bla bla continue explaining stuff for few minutes bla bla bla"

Company: Owh, kami tak berminat. KLIK ,letak phone

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Speechless Saturday #1: Parasailing in Bali

Last word said it all: SPEECHLESS...

Monday, November 28, 2011

Saturday, October 15, 2011


6th of October 2011.

I am on my way from my house in Putrajaya to my school, SMSS, when i lost control of my car. My car turned around and rolled over few times with me still hanging by my seatbelt. When the car stopped rolling, there i was, still hanging upside down,people tried to help but the door is locked, i crawled to the back door, opened it and crawl myself out, I was lucky that I survived.

 Ill honestly cant believe how lucky I am to survive this with only minor scratches, but here I am still breathing while writing this blogpost.


Dont forget to wear your seatbelt, it save my life, it might as well save yours.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #2

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Chat Box.

I'm deleting my chat box in few days time, reasons? theres just too many spammers abusing the chat box, if any of you guys want to leaver ur mark,footprints,signature, u can do so by commenting on my wall post.

This is my reply to some of the messages left in the chat box.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Thanks for ACTUALLY reading my blog.

Thanks for commenting on my post

Thanks for clicking Ad that you find interesting.

Thanks for following my blog.

No, I do not want to 'jana pendapatan melalui FB'

No I do not want to buy your e-book, aksesori wanita and etc.

No, I do not want to join your MLM, business affiliate and etc.

No, I dont need to topup my phone, Im using postpaid.

No, I wont follow your blog even if yo follow my blog, unless your blog is interesting or you are a cute girl.

No, I wont click on your nuffnang ads unless i find it interesting. 

So I guess that's it for today and actually i just want to ish all f you who read my blog


ikhlas dari saya,


Thursday, August 11, 2011

What is Nuffnang? (Repost)

 This is an old post i wrote almost a year ago about what nuffnang is all about back then and still is today. Some people might consider it useful while some people consider it boring as it has been told for so many times by so many people. But I still hope that anyone who read it find it useful.
Oook, this post is to introduced nuffnang to blogger, if u already know what nuffnang is and already put their ad in your blog , u might find this post boring or uninformative, but feel free to read...=.)

 As a famous blogger, theres a few question that people keep asking me, for example:-

What is Nuffnang?
Do you really earn money with nuffnang?
What else can nuffnang offers? 
How to get primier movie passes?
How to promote our blog?

Oook, first off, what is nuffnang? well basically is Asia-Pacific’s first and leading blog advertising community. Their online platform bla bla bla bla the rest here.

 In other simple term, they are Blog Advertising Company. They put sponsors Ad in people blogs. For example, see below picture.

Acuvue contact lenses ad in my blog.

Secondly, do i really earn money with nuffnang? Yes I did, I really get paid by blogging. Its not much that I can make a living out of it, not yet i guess, but I can still go buy something with it.

 My earnings so far with nuffnang. 

For your info, this blog of mine have been created for more than 3 and half years but I only been seriously blogging since earlier this year. As you can see, Ive cash out my first check in 2008 and 3 times this year, and yes people, its real check sent to your house.

How to cash out you earnings? Well, its easy, when your earning reach RM 50, you can push the Cash out my earnings button below your eanings. As you can see above, theres a "cash out my earnings" button below RM110.73. 
Usually i will cash out my earnings already considering its already past hundred but then i decided to wait till next year, because the thing that i want to buy next, is really really expensive and maybe i have to collect money longer to buy it.

Owh, i forgot to mention, when u cash out ur earnings, they will send a check to ur address, it will take around 30 to 60 days depending on your status as a Nuffnangers.

What else can Nuffnang offers? hurmmm, if you are registered to nuffnang, they will also record you analytic status, that is you blog traffic, (a)how may visitors visit you blog, (b)where did the people come from, and (c)where did they refer you from.



Ok, beside money, Nuffnang also rewards blog with other things, such as premier movie passes, party and event invitation, gadgets( handphones, broadband i.e). 

This year, ive been invited to alot of premier screenings of movies such as Takers, Karate Kid, Altitude, Backup Plan, Skyline, Vampire Suck and many more movies. Not all f them are worth watching in cinema but the proud feelings when you get to watch it few days earlier than your friends and the rest of the world, is PRICELESS. Im not being cocky on purpose but yeah, you can consider me one,lol.

Other than that, ive also got invited to event and party such as the DIGI Angels Buka puasa @The Apartment Part  I and II and also the DIGI BREAK FREE PARTY @ECOBAR. Theres maybea few more events that I forgot to mentionn or i get the invite but i cant attend due to some difficulties.

Last question, How to promote our blog? 2 word, social networking,that is thru facebook, twitter, or any other instant messaging such as yahoo messenger, or msn. Or you can also try blogwalking and leave you comment on their blog. Dont just post something in their shoutbox/chatbox something like XXX was here, OR singgah sekejap, OR singgah sebentar, OR visit u, visit me back. What i meant is, if there was really nice shit written in that blog, leave a proper comment in that post, not in their shout/chatbox and maybe, maybe they will hit you back.

So, I guess thats it for today, go to www. and register your blog there. Dont know how to start? Dont worry, theres a "get start" button to help you through it.

If there is still question u like to ask me about nuffnang, earnings or any other stuff about blogging, just leave a comment and ill try to get back at you. PEACE OUT.


Damnnn, after i publish this post and read it back, theres so nuch thing that i might have missed, but don t worry, im here to help you, anyhting u wanna know, just ask me.

not so famous Blogger

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wordless Wednesday..



Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm off to Bangkok...

As the title suggest, i will be leaving for Bangkok tomorrow around 1 pm. Ive been waiting for this trip since October last year. Been saving up my money since then and I hope its enough for 4 days and 3 nights there.

Places that I planned to visit:

Ocean World ( bigger version of Aquaria KLCC)
Chatuchak market ( somehow like Petaling Street)
Siam Paragon
Platinum Shopping Mall

Our main point for this trip is shopping so most of the place we planned to visit is Shopping Mall. So any last minute suggestion on where to go and what item I can get cheaper than Malaysian price?

Owh, and on another note, since its already ages since last I update this blog, my traffic has dropped significantly, and because of that, theres few BE running wild. This just support my theory that NFNG will give BE to low traffic BLOG such as mine, you can read it HERE

ps: my first post in along time, and this is all i wrote....=.(

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thor Press Screening.

          First of all, thanks to Nuffnang Glitterati for giving me the opportunity to watch the press screening of THOR yesterday morning @ Mid Valley, although for some unknown reason Ive lost my way till KLCC ,huhu.

Ive posted a post few month back about Thor, Ironman and Captain America, you can read it HERE. This post is the continuation of that post.

Thor Odinson
Odin Allfather

Jane Foster

 So basically, the movie is about Thor son of Odin or also known as God of Thunder who got banished to Midgard/Earth because of his rash judgement and actions. There, he met a mortal girl and fell in love and bla bla bla....just go watch it later when it comes out in few days.

To sum it up, the movie was awesome, alot better compare to HULK, but not as interesting IRONMAN and WOLVERINE but still awesome enough with a rate of 8/10 by yours truly. Damn, now it makes me cant wait for Captain America and The Avengers.

owh n i also got invited to FAST 5 exclusive screening tomorrow, thanks to NUFFNANG again..

p/s: as of all Marvel movies,just stay tuned untill after all the credits roll down..

Monday, April 4, 2011

3 Tips mengelakkan kena tahan Polis di Putrajaya

Kalau korang orang Putrajaya atau selalu datang Putrajaya naik motor, aku ade tip-tip menarik untuk korang mengelakkan diri daripada ditahan polis. Ini semua dari pengalaman aku...

Tip-tip dia:

1: Pakai helmet
    -songkok bukan alasan.

2: Max 2 orng
    - walaupon kecik maner jngn naek bertiga.
3: Jangan pakai baju sekolah.
   - lebih2 lagi pukul 11.30 pagi hari isnin,tu bodoh namanya.

Ini semua dari pengalaman aku, cerita sebenar bukan cerita dongeng, baru jer 15 minit td aku tngk 3 orang kena tahan polis sbab naik satu motor bertiga, 2 pakai uniform sekolah dan tak pakai helmet tapi pakai songkok, bijak tak???

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mabul-Sipadan-Kapalai : Preview

 Maybe its already too late to share it here, and maybe most of you guys already know, but just for the sake of sharing and documentation of it,here it goes.

January 2011, My family and I went to Sabah where we stayed at Mabul Island and have a one day full trip to Sipadan island.

And this, is a preview before the real long post, if Ive got the mood for it.

It was raining on that day, so excuse me for the water marks.

My family with our snorkeling/diving instructor, forgot their name.
 One of the picture taken by our camera Canon G12 with water casing. Why waste money on BIG ASS camera if it cant be used underwater.

First time snorkeling, kinda scared and exciting at the same time.

 I wish I had my own boat.

 After having wonderful shot in the ocean, ordinary poses in the pool doesnt look cool anymore, so had to improvise.

 Bangkok in June, Bali in November

Monday, March 14, 2011

Komik Tsunami BHarian sensitif?

aper yang korang nampak dalam gambar nih?
aper maksud gambar nih?
bagi korang sensitif ker?

Kebelakangan ni, macam2 bende orng tngk atau dengar dan tafsir bukan2, mengarut, kaitkan dengan macam2 bende,illuminati, freemason, syaitan, dan macam2 lagi, contoh paling best, iklan raya tv3. Bende yang mudah simple orang nak complicatedkan jadi mcam2, ade double meaning la aper la,zzzz..

Tapi bila tngk gambar nih, xde pulak nak cari maksud tersembunyi,zzz, nampak macam mempersendakan jepun yng baru kene gempa bumi jer,zzz,

Sbb orang kita suka cari maksud tersembunyi or double meaning, ini pendapat aku...

Ultraman sebagai ciptaan manusia yang hebat atau hanya manusia yang mempunyai kuasa yang besar samada dalam politik atau mmg ada kuasa luar biasa di muka bumi.

Tsunami sebagai hukuman ALLAH yng meyatakan walau sehebat mana manusia atau ciptaan nya masih x dapat menyaingi kuasa ALLAH YANG MAHA BERKUASA.

Kesimpullannya, daripada melihat ini sebagai satu sindiran, baik dijadikan peringatan.

this is my 2 cent, its up to me how i spend it...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Facebook is DEAD

I guess everyone here knows what Facebook is, either Uve read about it or u watched bout it in cinema. But for those who have been living in cave or under 'tempurung kelapa',Facebook is a social network service site that are launched in 2004, and up till January this year, it has more than 600million online users.

Raather than talking bout Facebook history,lets move on to the main topic,Facebook is dead. Its not about the rumour circulating around the web few months back that Mark Zuckerberg decided to shut down FB,no, its not. What I meant here is that FB is getting boring and lame,even with all the so called improvement,come on FB team. Honestly, whats with the picture viewer? black background?

FB used to be 'the thing' that everyone must have,I meant EVERYONE, it has no age limits, from unborn babies to dead people. Seriously guys, dont tell me uve never come across dead people or unborn babies profiles in FB before,huhu. I know I have. Dead people,I get why some people create the profile but for unborn baby? WTF? Seriously WTF? Usually the one that doing this are just couples, not married couples,with no guaranteed on what the future hold for them, but their unborn son already have a facebook profile,WTF? Just wait tilll they broke up and im gnna be trolling on their unborn baby profile,huhu.

GoodBye Facebook, dont worry, you will not be missed,I'm sure theres gonna be something cool replacing you, I can bet on it.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Quick Update February 2011

Assalamualaikum and good evening EVERYONE.

It have been more than a month since my last update and Im terribly sorry. Just finished my finals few weeks back and since then I was quite occupied with SMSS friends and I am completely broke thank to the constant outing. But it was fun nevertheless.

Here are some photos for the past few outings in February.

Mines with Shamir and Naqib

Futsal @ Frenzy Shah Alam with SMSS 05.

Kelab DiRaja Selangor photo session.

 Seksyen 2 Shah Alam

 Driving round the hood in style,haha.

Owh and most of my MMU friends from Melaka and Cyber are doing their LA and internships this coming semester and some of them starts tomorrow. So I would like to take this chance to wish them 


Monday, January 24, 2011

Blogging 101

Before i start writing this post, let me clarify something, I dont blog about everything,My blog is kinda personal and I wrote what I think is close to me. I dont just write anything that is current where you can just read it in newspaper or online news. Truth to be told, I dont actually like reading blog that post news headlines. Some say its just to share the news well the others say to attract traffic.Well, its ur blog, so its up to you.

This post might be an exception to that, continue reading if you are interested.

Berita Minggu 23 January 2011

Ok, so basically its not about Barisan Nasional, let just focus on BLOGGER UNTUNG RM1 JUTA. 

What I can say is, its true, blogging has its perks even to a small part time, not so famous blogger like myself. Ive earned quite alot, not as much as Redmummy but enough that i can sometimes buy stuff for myself and a trip to Bandung,huhu. My next aim, trip to Bngkok using my nuffnang earnings.

What im actually saying is, blogging is a good way to earn a few extra bucks while doing something u like or even love. Most of people nowadayas already have blog, so why not earn extra income while doing it. Ive already helped few of my friends starting up their nuffnang accounts, and if u want some help doing it, just give me a call, ill be glad to help.

One day, Ill earn as much, hopefully.

picture credits to Berita Harian and Redmummy

p/s: its not only limited to nuffnang u know...=.)


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