Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sesi Berbuka Puasa Bersama Nuffnang di TheApartment@KLCC.

Last week, me and Aimi AZ were both invited for break fast with nuffnang and fellow blogger, 15 blogger(including  me n Aimi AZ) and 5 Nuffies(Nuffnang staff). It was hosted in TheApartment@KLCC. This is my second event with nuffnang and fellow bloggers, first one is the Digi Break Free Party@Ecoba, not including the movie premiers, so i was kinda shy considering that most of the bloggers that come have made their way thru the blogging community.Ive heard about them and read their blog once or twice but sadly I dont keep track of it, and maybe i should. The only person i can remember is AnakPerak.

Oook, back to the event.This event is open for Muslim bloggers only and its a good idea because you dont want to have a Majlis Berbuka Puasa and half of them didnt even fasting,haha.

The theme of the buffet is home-cooked N.Sembilan and Perak dish, so yeah, WOW,haha, the food was great, lots of variety, lots of side dishes but sadly, Ive got small stomachs,(haters keep quiet),haha.

They have everything there, Buttereed Prawn,Sambal Bawal, Roasted Duck, Lamb, few types of chicken, Mee Sup, Kerabu mangga, udang, sotong and many more, seriously, I dont know what to eat.

The desert, there's more than this, all sort of kuih-muih and stuff, too bad they dont have ice-cream or it would be perfect,huhu.

Left one is mine and the one infront of it is also mine, my desert plate,haha.

waiting patiently for BANG(azan), as Rob refer it too,haha, as a Malay i dont ask question like,
" dah bang ?", anymore, haha,so i found it very funny.

 Everyones waiting patiently for 'BANG', damnnn, I still finds that funny ehile writing this post,haha. Sorry Rob,haha.

After breaking fast and solat maghrib, we continue to sesi borak2,huhu.

Overall, it was great, the place, the food, the company(fellow bloggers and nuffies) everything, it was nice, hope that Nuffnang can organized this kind of event one last time before the end of this Ramadhan.

Last but not least, group photo, can u identified most of them? theres a link below as a hint

 Owh, if theres one thing that is not perfect is that our table is upstairs while the buffet table is downstairs,huhu, thats one reason why i dont eat that much,haha. But still, Thanks to Nuffnang for inviting me and I hope there more to come...=.)

p/s:im craving for banan cheesecake and banana kaya this ramadhan, what to do?

new update: i forgot to mention,theres 2 pictures taken from and, thanks for the pics...=.)


velasrizal said...

hahah buku i pun masuk dlm blog u..buku i lagi glemer dari i..

Tip Badan Segar Sepanjang Bulan Ramadhan

~IHSAN AZ~ said...

haha, sorry sbb tu, nanti saya akan cuber linkkan sumer blogger yng hadir, td x cukup mase,huhu...=.)


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