Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Why Vampires Suck?



Back to basic, first of all, the so called ' vampires doesnt glitter under the sun', they burn to ashes, they cry in pain, meracau,melalak, and other malay word that i am not capable to translate to english, pardon me, they suffer under the sun, and no, they dont 'bajet' cool while doing that.

Second, they are way over-rated, i mean way, yaaa, the actors are way-way-way over-rated, wtf? are they acting or just posing in front of the camera. They cant f**king act, get ahold of yourself,zzz. Some people say Megan Fox act horribly in TRANSFORMERS, but she has the body, so of course she is forgiven, but Kristen Stewart, is it? wtf? she so pale that she should be the vampires, I think she suffer more under the sun than the so called 'Vampires'.

Third, and most importantly, why Twilight sucks is that they polluted the mind of our new generations. Nw everybody wants to find a vampire like boyfriends and girlfriends. Back in the days, way back, people hunt them to kill, not for some flashy BF. We used to be scared by vampires but kids nowadays dont, because like the Cullen family, all vampires are vegetarian, in this case, dont drink human blood. How could they bring out such idea, and because of that, our next generation gonna suffer,zzz.

Theres no more Ken and Barbie, theres Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, KILL ME BEFORE THAT HAPPEN PLEASE.

If you guys agree with me, U should watch this movie,trus me, this is the NEW SAGA, aint nothing like the CULLENS,zzzz.

p/s: i think that Bram Stoker realtive should sue people who come out with twilight for ruining dracula image potrayed in his novels.


Jauh Ke Timur said...

vampires suck!!

~IHSAN AZ~ said...

vampire cool, twilight sucks,huhu...

aien nurul ain said...

vampire diaries best. hahahaha.


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