Thursday, August 11, 2011

What is Nuffnang? (Repost)

 This is an old post i wrote almost a year ago about what nuffnang is all about back then and still is today. Some people might consider it useful while some people consider it boring as it has been told for so many times by so many people. But I still hope that anyone who read it find it useful.
Oook, this post is to introduced nuffnang to blogger, if u already know what nuffnang is and already put their ad in your blog , u might find this post boring or uninformative, but feel free to read...=.)

 As a famous blogger, theres a few question that people keep asking me, for example:-

What is Nuffnang?
Do you really earn money with nuffnang?
What else can nuffnang offers? 
How to get primier movie passes?
How to promote our blog?

Oook, first off, what is nuffnang? well basically is Asia-Pacific’s first and leading blog advertising community. Their online platform bla bla bla bla the rest here.

 In other simple term, they are Blog Advertising Company. They put sponsors Ad in people blogs. For example, see below picture.

Acuvue contact lenses ad in my blog.

Secondly, do i really earn money with nuffnang? Yes I did, I really get paid by blogging. Its not much that I can make a living out of it, not yet i guess, but I can still go buy something with it.

 My earnings so far with nuffnang. 

For your info, this blog of mine have been created for more than 3 and half years but I only been seriously blogging since earlier this year. As you can see, Ive cash out my first check in 2008 and 3 times this year, and yes people, its real check sent to your house.

How to cash out you earnings? Well, its easy, when your earning reach RM 50, you can push the Cash out my earnings button below your eanings. As you can see above, theres a "cash out my earnings" button below RM110.73. 
Usually i will cash out my earnings already considering its already past hundred but then i decided to wait till next year, because the thing that i want to buy next, is really really expensive and maybe i have to collect money longer to buy it.

Owh, i forgot to mention, when u cash out ur earnings, they will send a check to ur address, it will take around 30 to 60 days depending on your status as a Nuffnangers.

What else can Nuffnang offers? hurmmm, if you are registered to nuffnang, they will also record you analytic status, that is you blog traffic, (a)how may visitors visit you blog, (b)where did the people come from, and (c)where did they refer you from.



Ok, beside money, Nuffnang also rewards blog with other things, such as premier movie passes, party and event invitation, gadgets( handphones, broadband i.e). 

This year, ive been invited to alot of premier screenings of movies such as Takers, Karate Kid, Altitude, Backup Plan, Skyline, Vampire Suck and many more movies. Not all f them are worth watching in cinema but the proud feelings when you get to watch it few days earlier than your friends and the rest of the world, is PRICELESS. Im not being cocky on purpose but yeah, you can consider me one,lol.

Other than that, ive also got invited to event and party such as the DIGI Angels Buka puasa @The Apartment Part  I and II and also the DIGI BREAK FREE PARTY @ECOBAR. Theres maybea few more events that I forgot to mentionn or i get the invite but i cant attend due to some difficulties.

Last question, How to promote our blog? 2 word, social networking,that is thru facebook, twitter, or any other instant messaging such as yahoo messenger, or msn. Or you can also try blogwalking and leave you comment on their blog. Dont just post something in their shoutbox/chatbox something like XXX was here, OR singgah sekejap, OR singgah sebentar, OR visit u, visit me back. What i meant is, if there was really nice shit written in that blog, leave a proper comment in that post, not in their shout/chatbox and maybe, maybe they will hit you back.

So, I guess thats it for today, go to www. and register your blog there. Dont know how to start? Dont worry, theres a "get start" button to help you through it.

If there is still question u like to ask me about nuffnang, earnings or any other stuff about blogging, just leave a comment and ill try to get back at you. PEACE OUT.


Damnnn, after i publish this post and read it back, theres so nuch thing that i might have missed, but don t worry, im here to help you, anyhting u wanna know, just ask me.

not so famous Blogger


anis nabila said...

Hi Ihsan,

How about Buffered Earnings?
Not really understand la.
Hope u can help.
Thanks :)

Alex cox said...

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Andi Chat said...

Hi :)

I'm just new in "blog world" and i heard about nuffnang. I feel like joining but i'm a bit scared for some reasons. maybe can help me if you have spare time. my email add is

Thank you so much.

Andi <3

Natasha Nazan said...

do we have to pay for penny? because according to t&c it says that all payment will be send to your address so i'm bit confused here what payment?

有故事的人 said...

Hello :)
I'm Kelly want to ask about the nuffnang earning I just put the nuffnang ads on my blog last year but i dono how to earn money from it... cause if just wait for people click it on it is quite hard... and want to ask how to promote and make my blog famous?

hope can get your reply soon :)

M Fadzil said...

Very nice explanation. So its a blogger community as well. I'm new with nuffnang so might give it a try once my blog become famous, I hope.

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Siti Aisya Ibrahim said...

Hi Ihsan! I just started blogging for serious. and seriously, what u wrote over here, is really useful for new-blogger like me. terima kasih ihsan. and salam perkenalan.


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