Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mabul-Sipadan-Kapalai : Preview

 Maybe its already too late to share it here, and maybe most of you guys already know, but just for the sake of sharing and documentation of it,here it goes.

January 2011, My family and I went to Sabah where we stayed at Mabul Island and have a one day full trip to Sipadan island.

And this, is a preview before the real long post, if Ive got the mood for it.

It was raining on that day, so excuse me for the water marks.

My family with our snorkeling/diving instructor, forgot their name.
 One of the picture taken by our camera Canon G12 with water casing. Why waste money on BIG ASS camera if it cant be used underwater.

First time snorkeling, kinda scared and exciting at the same time.

 I wish I had my own boat.

 After having wonderful shot in the ocean, ordinary poses in the pool doesnt look cool anymore, so had to improvise.

 Bangkok in June, Bali in November


The Sharkox said...

Memang tidak berbaloi kalau beli DSLR tapi tak boleh celup dalam air..haha..nice pic bro

~IHSAN AZ~ said...

haha, btol tu, so belilah CANON G12,...

macam dapat komisyen lak promote Canon...

kemang~ said...

wahh broo best nye ko pegi jln2..btw ak pon travelholic gak...slm shbt :D


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