Wednesday, July 28, 2010


 9 more days to go,damnn, and Im 22, cant wait,naaah, nothing special just my birthday....

Like i said, im currently updating my wishlist for my coming birthday, and yeah, this is just part 1 of it, theres more to come, call me greedy but we all need something that we wish for.

Oook,aside from happiness, health, parents blessing, to be good son, a good believers, a good friends,a good student,to be a good BF, this is what i wish for,haha...

Yaaa, shoes, its not just women who are addicted to shoe,why cant man?

Oook, the pictures was organized that way, the shoes that i want the most is at top and it goes down, right now, I want SUPRA but that DC shoes gonna  looks good on me.

Damn, 1 shoe gonna cost me around RM300, times 5, u do the math, im too lazy too count, hahaha, if theres a generous parents, siblings, friends, strangers out there who want to give me a present, dont hesitate. i dont mind that all i get for my birthday is shoe,haha....

 Thers gonna be a few more wishlist coming, so prepare urself,haha.

Everybody pretend that airplanes in the night sky are shooting stars nowadays, but do shooting stars grant wish? 

p/s: i wish the airplanes in the night sky are santa, sending give to me every single night.........

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