Thursday, October 7, 2010

Quick Update October 2010

Dah lama rasanya tak update blog ni dengan something yang bermakna dan panjang, semua post bulan lepas macam pendek2 jer,huhu, bukan takde idea, just macam penat dah nak blog, but hey, dont get me wrong, I love blogging, writing post, reading other people blog, but then, xde masa, for me, i neeed preparation for making a post, for along post, not like the short update and stuff. The problem is, i took to long to prepare the post, and when im ready, the thing already 'basi' or boring already so i decide not to post it up,huhu.

Theres already afew post that i planning to write, especially rayaa post, syawal end tomorrow but i still didnt post anything bout raya,huhu. Ill try my best but dont expect too much from it,huhu.

p/s: im not superman, i dont claim to be.....

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