Friday, October 8, 2010

About . Follow Me . Link Exchange . Credit . Thank You.

This is a personal blog, I write most of the things that pop out from my head, if I write everything that come out, then Ill be writing nonstop for the rest of my life.

I will not follow you back even if you follow me, I WILL NOT, unless you are a cute girl or your blog is interesting for me to read. So stop asking me to follow you.

Please tell me if you put my blog in your bloglist or you want to exchange link, again, TELL ME, I wont know unless u told me. Theres a few blog with my link in it but then I have never visit that blog, not that i really complain but it doesnt sounds fair to you guys. So tell me so we can EXCHANGE LINK.

If anything that i write or post, I mean ANYTHING at all,that interest you guys, and u guys want to share it in you blog, please mention my blog for credit. If there is anything interesting enough.

For any post that you like, hate, or that Im wrong or that you guys have any other opinion about it, feel free to drop you comment, Im open to any criticism or anything.

This gonna be a sticky post for a while. The newest post gonna be below this post and


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