Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm going to BANGKOK.

Sepertimana tajuk post ini, yes, im going to BANGKOK but not anywhere near soon,huhu, im going on june next year, and my sister just booked the tickets, thanks kak lala. This means that I have around 8 month to save money for this trip,huhu, I hope thats enough time for me to went crazy shopping in Bangkok. 

This is all thanks to AirAsia, now everybody can fly.

Seriously now everybody can fly with AirAsia. My first time flying is around march earlier this year, me and my older sibling went to Bandung, Indonesia. It was a good place for a trip but the people there,haaaaih, lets  just keep it at that.

AirAsia, Truly Asean

 Tankuban Perahu.

Right now, AirAsia are having promotion as low as RM1 to selected destinations as a celebration for the 100 million guest flown. For more info CLICK HERE.

If the link i that i give does not work, there are AirAsia ads in my blog just look for it and click.

This post is not an ad, Im just excited being able to travel overseas again after Bandung and its all thanks to AirAsia.

Owh, I almost forgot, my whole family will go to Sipadan on January also thanks to AirAsia.Damn, its not that everyone can fly, but everyone can fly frequently, AirAsia need to change their motto,huhu.

p/s: i guess ipad has to wait,huhu...

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