Monday, December 6, 2010


Guys, do any of you remember LOGIN FB DAPAT RM100?

It was kinda popular earlier this year and  theres a lot of people tagging others to their picture posing with their so called "income". Or they put photo of their Maybank slip and tagged everyone,huhu.

BTW, i just wanna ask, What the hell happened to that? Did everyone that joined it get so freaking rich that they no longer need to promote it? Damn, if I knew this earlier I should have join. Seriously guys, if u really become rich after joining this type of business tell me, I also want to join.

Owh and one more thing, I dont care about your auntie, uncle, cousin, or someone you knew that got rich, Im only interested if you yourself is rich, and how to prove that? Just let me EAT ALL I CAN HAVE in a restaurant of my choice and then I might consider joining your business.



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