Monday, March 15, 2010

~~~MY FAVOuRITE SURFING SPOT..............

my favorite surfing spot, what comes up in ur mind with this word, internet surfing or water surfing,for me,i dont have a clue what i supposed to write, which is either internet surfing or water surfing, both can be consider surfing, with that doubt in my mind, how can i say which places is my favourite surfing spots.

Lets consider this, this PROJECT ALPHA is sponsored both by ADIDAS and P1 ,so, ADIDAS equals to water surfing and P1 equals to internet surfing.then the second argument is PROJECT ALPHA is the first malaysian online TV about bloggers, so blogging requires internet, so what the hell ADIDAS has any connection with it, when ask about adidas, people talks about shoes, sports, jersey not about blogging, so theres a bit contradiction there.

use ADIDAS spray for a better connection.WTF????

u use this for better connection,haha...

if we were really talking about internet surfing, than i guess there is no favourite spot for me. For me, anywhere with a connection is my favourite spot. nowadays even toilet have wireless connection so who am i to be choosing,haha. But if it is about water surfing, then ill pass,its not that i agains water surfing but i rathe enjoy watching others,seriously.

get what i mean?

HAHA, whatever it is,i enjoyed both internet surfing and watching girls with bikini water surfing and this blog is dedicated to

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS...


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