Wednesday, March 17, 2010

~~~passion for rugby....

its been more than a year now since d last time i play rugby due to my injury,kinda miss it being on d field,rugby have always been my passion since high school,training everyday, it wouldnt be right skipping it,but now my evening routine kinda boring.

cobra 10's 2004, lose to Bukit Jalil Sports Schooll

people said rugby is dangerous,vicious sports that can only be played buy bigger people,haha, size does not matter, what important is skills,i have once being tackle by a player half my size and weight and because of that, i sprained my thigh for a week,huhu,kinda embarassing but hey, thats what rugby is.

'PLAYED BY GENTLEMENTS, WATCH BY FOOLS' i think thats what my high school coach used to say. why, because people gets confused,we r not fighting on the field, we play sport name rugby.We may look like fighting or a bunch of gay sweaty guy in a jerswy but hey, that is rugby and thats how rugger roll,haha.

spot me...

its not like i cant play any other sports,i play alot of sports, outdoor and indoor.people always said that i cant play football, y? because of my size. For me, playing football is boring,theres no action it football,only a few. watching football? more boring than playing it. i hate waiting for the big moment, a few seconds before the goal try if there is any,no offense to all footballers but yeah its boring. In rugby, every moments is like an action movie, the pass, the tackle, everything n its thrill to watch it.

headlines,haha,good back-up.

but now, only times will tell, a year without playing will sure to cost me my stamina but i cant just give it up, its my passion,haha.

in action against COBRA back in 2007

MMU Falcons in 2006

damnn, i need to start gaining my fitness back as if there was any in the first place and also get back my equipments,haha....

"its a lifestyle played in the field,thats what rugby's r"

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