Monday, April 5, 2010


my favourite sport,hmmm, what else can be other than rugby,ive played it since i was like 3 years old,aa,maybe not, i dont even know what rugby is until i was 10 years old,but since then,i know that my favourite sport is rugby.

it was 2002 when i first started play rugby for my high school,it was fun rather than some boring foot kicking ball sport,haha, rugby can be played by both hands and feet, i enjoyed playing it eventho its full of pain.

what i second thing love the most about playing rugby in high school is the sponsorship, my school, partly famous brcause of rugby is been sponsored by CARISBROOK and POWERBAR,

we got new jersey every year, tourney shirt, sockd and everything, full set,huhu, it was such a boost playing with a new jersey,NOT,haha, some of us even scared to play all out cause of new jersey especially when its raining,haha...

powerbar,we eat it like it was 20 cent icecream, the protein plus,power energy,power juice,power gel, and more more of it,we got so many of it that we just throw it away untill we know its price on market,haha, we eat almost rm30 of powerbar everday and whats best, it comes with variety of flavor,stawberry, banana,apple, chocolateand everything nice,haha...

but what d best is if ADIDAS can also sponsored my school,huhu,then iwould be very happy,freaking happy,imagine the ADIDAS boots, shirts jersey bag and all damnn nice, and not to forget ADIDAS action3,huhu,imagine how we will smell with it,haha...

jersey by CARISBROOK, supplement by POWERBAR,deodorant and boots by ADIDAS,haha.

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS..

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