Monday, April 19, 2010

~~~My Version of Grooming Tips

well, there basically there a few tip from me.,huhu....

1. Carry a Mint or Stick of Gum: How many times have you been out wishing you had a mint? It's happened to all of us. Make it a habit,especially if ur smoking dude...
2. Check Your Face,dont look like osama or a samad said,well they both have a COMMON thing to their name, if u get what i mean,haha.. make sure no chilies or any black spot, refer point 1.

3. Smell: Always make sure you smell superb. People really take notice. A good smell goes a long way.

4. Scan Your Clothes: If you're out at a club or maybe it's been a long day in the office, or even maybe you're driving the last couple rounds of golf at the course...Scan your clothes!Our clothes pick up lint, dirt, and other debris. Simply go to the bathroom and brush off your clothes to keep them looking sharp. You'll probably need to adjust a little too. Adjust your belt, pants, jacket, whatever it is. After a while your clothes need it. Now walk out of the bathroom a new man.

not that i think all of this myself,ive just googled it, but hey, who deosnt google everything,haha...

owh and 1 thing for sure, make sure u groomed your wallet first everytime u go out,its the second things chick check out after ur appearance,haha...

Quick Grooming Tips

  • If you don't iron your clothes, remove them immediately from the dryer so wrinkles don't set.
  • In hot weather, wear light-colored, cotton clothing and socks. This will absorb less heat and "sweat stains" will be less visible.
  • Consider trimming your arm pit hairs in warm weather. Less hairs, less bacteria, less smell. Think about it.
  • Don't be reluctant to trim or tweeze any stray eyebrow hairs.
  • Good dental hygiene means a dazzling smile.
  • Open your eyes. If hair is the frame for your face, the eyes are the windows. Use eye drops to whiten the whites of your eyes for a fresher, younger look.

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