Thursday, May 22, 2008

~~~not an emo post...

its been 2 years now,
and im 2 years older than what i used to be(obviously, duuuhhhh)....
1 thing for sure, im not the man i used to be 2 years ago...
i have improved,
and more matured since then...
i've learned may things in this past 2 years...
that is...
RESPONSIBILITY n many more i presume....

ive learned how to LOVE sum1,
even if its hard for me, i still try to find a better chance...

ive learned how to be FRIENDS with others n how to keep my friends close,
but then, i've failed many times...

ive learn to be more RESPONSIBLE towards my action, in any matter that is...

in this past 2 years, many things happen,

i lost a friend, close friends, really close that it struck me badly...

i started a bad habit of mine, i try to resist, but, it doesnt go easily...

ive failed many papers and even been terminated by MMU, i cant imagine how dissapointed my family is...

all this things surely will help me in the future, i have gained a new experiences, even its the hard way...

when i enter MMU, its like a new beginning for me, and everythings must come to an end,
i realize 1 thing,
i cant be here forever,
i must continue my life to a better a future,
dont know where yet, but surely will find it,
it may take a while,
but dont worry,
ill be oook,
with all the things i learn here in MMU, it surely will help me survive,
i must bid FAREWELL now, to all my friends, close friends, classmates, acquintance in MMU,
but remember 1 thing,
i will always remeber u guys,
wherever and whenever it is,
i hope u can just smile for me even for a while when u read this cause we surely will meet again sometimes...


its been a good time, and will always be to me...



but wait, why im emoing myself, isnt the holiday is just 3 weeks,dammmn, what m i thinking,huhu...=.)

p/s: just wanna say sorry to ally my friends for the things that ive done in the past and the things that i may commits in the future,SORRY AND HAPPY HOLIDAY

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